We Protect People all over Sydney from Harmful EMFs

Stop EMFs destroying your health

We protect the health conscious generation from harmful EMFs

EMF Home Assessments

Testing of all EMFs + full mitigation plan to protect yourself.

Pre-purchase EMF Inspections

Don't purchase or rent a home that could cost your health.

ELF Assessments

Assessments of power lines, transformers & substations.

EMF Consultation

Our certified EMR technician is available anywhere in the world.

  • Protect your Health

    EMFs add a major stressor to your body causing a cascade of health issues. Protect your health and live a life free from the damaging effects of EMFs.

  • Reveal the Invisible

    Unravel the invisible nature of EMFs. View a complete snap shot of the EMFs detected in your home. Understand the exact levels of EMFs in each room. Interpretation and recommendations are all inclusive.

  • Cultivate Awareness

    Learn all about EMFs and what to look out for. Every home assessment includes impactful demonstrations, resourceful EMF health education, tips, open Q&A, and more.

10,000+ studies show harm

Watch the video - Adverse health effects of EMFs

  • Qualified EMR Technicians

    Our certified Electromagnetic Radiation Testing Technician has nationally accredited certification in EMF Testing (BLDBIO602) with the ACES (RTO.21740). In addition, he has further certification in Electromagnetics with the IBE in the United States.

  • Proven EMF Protection

    We are independently certified by both the ACES and IBE in EMF mitigation and protection. We use only proven strategies backed by Science. Not pseudoscience.

  • German by Design

    We use the worlds best EMF detection equipment from Germany, for the most accurate assessment of your home.

  • Guaranteed Service

    We guarantee to lower EMFs in your home through our simple and cost effective solutions. That's our promise.

  • Fully Insured

    We have full public liability insurance of $20 million. Some peace of mind that you're fully covered.


“I didn't realize what I was exposing myself to in the office. After many health challenges, tackling the EMF issue has been key to my recovery.”

John Lee

Hydroilex (CEO)

“Matt inspected my home on his trip to Byron Bay. I am forever grateful for his visit. My little ones now have a natural safe space free of EMFs.”

Alana Habershon

Egardens.com.au (CEO)

“We had high levels of EMFs in our apartment. After visit, severe headaches my wife's been suffering have gone. Thanks Matt!”

Ahad Kalam

Zetta Partners (CEO)

Biome Living Services

Sydney, Australia

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  • How much does an EMF Assessment cost?

    The cost of an EMF assessment is based upon your location and home's size. For full pricing see our booking page.

  • What EMF protection do you use?

    After assessing your home to discover the levels and sources of EMFs, we are then able to use mitigation strategies that completely eliminate the need for protection in most situations. EMF protection is a last resort and must be carefully installed.

    Most 'EMF protection' only protects from radio frequencies not dirty electricity, electric or magnetic fields. Did you also know that most so called 'protection' does absolutely nothing to protect you? We use the best EMF detection equipment in the world from Germany and can easily show how most EMF protection actually does little to nothing.

  • What are your assessors qualifications?

    Matt Cossey is an ACES certified Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician. He has nationally accredited certification in Electromagnetic Field Testing (BLDBIO602) with the Australian College of Environmental Studies (RTO.21740). In addition, he has further training in Electromagnetics with the Building Biology Institute (IBE) in the United States. This includes the study of electrobiology and how both human and animal biology is being adversely affected by EMR.

  • What areas do you service?

    We service all areas within and surrounding Sydney. North to Newcastle, West to Lithgow and South to Nowra. To see the map of our service area please view our Booking Page.

    We also do regular trips to the Canberra region, up the east coast to Queensland and south to Victoria - Contact us for more information.

  • What types of EMF do you test for?

    We use highly-sensitive testing equipment to measure all 4 kinds of electromagnetic fields that are found within our modern living spaces. This includes:

    1. The ELF and VLF magnetic fields from power lines, electrical panels, electrical wiring, solar inverters, light fixtures, appliances, computers, televisions, fluorescent lights, and most other electrical and electronic devices. Wiring errors and stray currents can also be a surprisingly strong source.

    2. The ELF Electric Fields from hidden electrical wiring within nearby walls and ceilings, power cords for lamps and devices, and sometimes overhead power lines. Special attention is usually placed on the bedrooms, where people spend the most time.

    3. The radiofrequency (RF) fields from everything wireless in this modern world. This includes emissions from cell towers, cell phones, TV/radio broadcast towers, Smart Meters, DECT and cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, wireless computer, baby monitors, microwave ovens, security systems, etc.

    4. The Dirty Electricity (DE) caused by high frequency voltage transience radiating 6ft or more off walls and wiring. DE may be arriving from the power company or being created within your home by certain lighting and appliances.

Matt Cossey
CEO - Biome Living
Certified EMR Technician (ACES, IBE)

Biome Living specialises in electromagnetic radiation (EMF, EMR) testing and mitigation within homes and workplaces all over Sydney. We also do regular trips up and down the east coast from Victoria to Noosa QLD.

Matt Cossey is a qualified Electromagnetic Radiation Testing Technician (EMRT) through the ACES (Australian College of Environmental Studies).

Additionally, he has further certification in Electromagnetics from the IBE (Building Biology Institute) in the United States.

After becoming extremely concerned about the ever increasing electromagnetic radiation we’re being exposed to, Matt begun training in EMR with the ACES and IBE.

He has since been testing, protecting and spreading EMF awareness all over Sydney and beyond.

The adverse health effects of the electrosmog we’re now increasingly bathing in cannot be ignored. Thousands of independent studies show serious health implications (Bioinitiative, 2012).

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal health by creating a natural and safe low-EMF living space for you and your loved ones.